Every Company Needs Momentum. 
It's What Moves Business Forward. 

I N T R O D U C T I O N 

Welcome to Momentum Endeavors. Momentum Endeavors is a business and brand consultancy that services small to large-sized businesses offering a wide array of consulting services. We specialize in early stage start-up advisement services, bringing new life to stagnant stale brands or businesses and new or foreign market penetration with the ultimate goal of moving your business forward. 

 C O N S U L T A N C Y    F O U N D E R 

Momentum Endeavors was founded by Gary J. Hernandez, Jr., an entrepreneur, business builder and marketer. He's passionate about start-up's, brands and business. He has successfully founded three manufacturing companies, built multi-award winning brands and developed a ground-breaking product that changed an industry. He is a published contributor and writer with skills in public speaking and team communicating. He's also quite savvy in social media and technology systematics. 

S E R V I C E   O F F E R I N G 

Start-up Advisement | Operations Review | Business Management 
Strategic Planning | Marketing Campaigns | Brand Development 
Brand Reinvigoration | Product Development | Product Sourcing 
Business Channel Solutions | Content Writing | Design 
Public Relations | New or Foreign Market Penetration 
Sales Support | Sales Tactics | Social Media Strategy 

 A  N O T E  F R O M  G A R Y 

Thank you for visiting Momentum Endeavors. I founded Momentum Endeavors because of the passion I have for business and brands. I love every aspect of business and enjoy every second of it. Whether it's launching a new start-up, reinvigorating a brand, improving market share or strengthening relationships...it's what I do and it's what I love. Every company needs momentum. It's what moves business forward. That's what we provide and that's what we're here to do.  

All the best,

C O N T A C T 

Phone | 951.710.0772

Email | gary@momentumendeavors.com 

Serving | USA, Canada, Europe & Asia